Samuel Lodetti

Samuel Lodetti is a Italian/Swiss product designer based in Bergamo and Zurich. Graduated with a bachelor at the HGK of Basel, he achieved the Master of Product Design at ECAL. He gained work experience at Alfredo Haeberli ‘s studio in Zurich working for brand like Eternit, Atelier Pfister.
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Pens are everyday tools in direct relation with the hand to express the gesture of wrightin. Open is a leather pen, a pen to wear, an everyday object that lives changes throught the use. Very important was the act of opening, turning the mine to serve the almost forgotten handwriting. In the first series 100 pens has been hand made in Bergamo (Italy) from italian vegetable tanned leather. The Rovaris family produce bellt since 30 year, out of the maestry of the three brother this everyday object has been developed.

Open was presented in 2019 by the project ECAL MADE at Maison et Objet in Paris.


Efesto is a crab cuttlery collection.The whole collection is raised to not dirty the table cloth and find his aesthetic in the brutal gesture of of cracking the crabshell.Made by mixing numerical waterjet cutting with the ancient blacksmith practice of Mr. Herren from the Swissalps, the result le encounter the ‘brut’ and the shiny finish.


Labbra is a bespoke serie of glasses made especially for a dinner-exhibition in THE TANK, Basel. The glass range covered the flut for the Prosecco, white and red wine as well as the water and liquor glass. The character of this collection is given by the Lapel wich create a unconventional encounter between lips and glass.Labbra is made by hacking excisting glasses from the sout german glassblower Max Schlott adding a lapel. The speed whit which the glasses were tunring and the different thicknesses of the glasses created everytime different forms.


According to R. Koolhaas, since 2012 more people have lived in cities than in rural areas.

This social change has minimized ‘private green’ and therefore changed the way we deal with nature. For this reason I decided to take the urban context into account.

I found that the world of gardening lacks a passive greenhouse that optimizes the use of space and adapts to different balcony sizes. As a result of this observation, I designed Verdello. A wallmounted greenhouse system that allows a diverse configuration that integrated textile pot and is flatpack.


The painting exhibited in Zurich by O. Mosset asks visitors for very high attention. I wanted to translate this precision in to a lamp collection that concentrate on geometrical shape to drive the attention to the edge of the product and of the light. The wall lamp can be angled by the user in order to direct the light and to draw shadows with it. The suspension lights can be angled angled during the installation. Made out lightweight aluminum and super-clear glass the fixation allow different driver and dimmer possibility.

Many thanks for the professional support Monolicht GmbH.

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Lausanne Jardin

Entrance is an installation for the Lausanne Jardin Biennale of 2019. There is something fascinating about gazing into water. Through the transparency of this element, hidden worlds appear and one can get lost in their infinity. Entrance plays on this fascination. Thanks to an optical effect, the park is connected to the various levels of the car park. The small fountain transforms into a bottom-less abyss of stratified storeys.